Thursday, 12 March 2009

A Swastika on Hereward School?

Loughton Town Council has put forward local BNP leader Pat Richardson as a governor of Hereward primary school at its meeting last night.

The school has not endorsed the leader of the BNP, a racial supremacist party that excludes non-white members of the community from membership, as governor and will have to assess whether she is suitable.

The council had been asked to nominate two candidates for the governorship, but Councillor Richardson was the only person to come forward.

Hereward may want to bear in mind Richardson's attempts to stir up ethnic tensions between school children last year when assessing her suitability.


Barry Gilheany said...

This woman should not be allowed to serve as a school governor as she belongs to a racist party with links to a criminal organisation namely Combat 18. Note that Islamist bigots have tried exactly the same tactics of taking over school boards and forcing out headteachers on "Islamaphobic" grounds. (See report in Thursday's Evening Standard about Surrey headteacher)

Barry Gilheany

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

School governors perform a valuable and serious role. Schools should not become platforms for advancing an ideology or boosting an individual's political career. A school would be better off with a vacant governor's seat than have it filled by a religious or political extremist.