Thursday, 12 March 2009

BNP "historians"

Councillor Garry Martin is being promoted as Epping Forest BNP's in-house historian, in the same way as the national BNP promoted revisionist historian and Holocaust denier David Irving.

Dear old Councillor Martin is upset with the Loughton Historical Society. However, it's unclear exactly what he's upset about. Apparently, some local historians call a hilly part of Loughton "Little Cornwall", but Mr Martin has "researched" - ie went to the Wikipedia website - and found that the term originates from local novellist Ruth Rendell.

It's unclear whether the Loughton Historical Society would necessarily disagree with him. So what's his beef?

"This is so very wrong," Councillor Martin wails, "especially when most of these people who are trying to alter things are not even locals, but have moved into the area from outside!"

Aha, it's the damned foreigners, destroying our culture by trying to convince everyone they are living in Cornwall!


Poor Garry Martin is more Homer Simpson than David Irving.

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