Thursday, 19 March 2009

BNP lies could lead to Debden library closure

Debden has a new library in a plush new building, with computers allowing free internet use and subscriptions to a wide variety of publications and newspaper archives. There are DVDs, CDs, children's books, etc. Next door, in the same building, is an excellent cafe with the best bacon butties in Loughton. Its an improvement on the popular but cramped little shop the library used on the Broadway.

What you don't find in Debden library is library users. Why is the place deserted? Because it is located within the newly redeveloped Epping Forest College, which has been the target of a vicious BNP propaganda campaign. The BNP portrays the college as a haven for armed ethnic minority drug-dealers - a lie repeated in this month's edition of "Debden Patriot". No wonder people don't want to enter the college premises.

Yet, located at the EFC's entrance are metal detectors and security guards. There probably isn't anywhere safer in Loughton than Debden library, in stark contrast to the dark alleyways around the Broadway where a minority of local kids sniff glue and get tanked up on Special Brew.

In 2006, the police hit out at BNP lies ahead of the local elections, in which they claimed armed gangs of ethnic minority students from the college were invading Debden and were responsible for most of the violent crime.

Epping Forest District commander Chief Inspector Jon Hill said at the time: "Basically they've been driving up unjustifiably people's fear of crimes which don't exist. You couldn't recognise our area from the picture painted. And it doesn't make the job of police any easier."

Loughton Inspector Denise Morrisey said: "We don't have black and Asian kids coming into the area running riot. It's just not happening ... In fact a lot of the crime is carried out by local youths. Many residents would agree with me on that they know the people doing it. People at the college have been victims of crime like anyone else. There's no suggestion they're responsible. These claims have caused problems for us and problems for the college. People hear this stuff and they're not sure they want to send their kids there. It's unfair."

The BNP's campaign of lies about college students could cost Debden its library. If the library is not used, Essex County Council will probably close it. A public facility will have been taken away as a direct result of the racist fear-mongering the BNP uses to secure votes locally.

Unsurprisingly, the BNP has been silent on the violence at the nearby Football Academy in Langston Road, where a massive gangland fight at the New Year ball led to charges of attempted murder. This is meant to be a facility for local young people to learn football and boxing. Why no complaint from the BNP? Because the thugs attending the Football Academy event were almost all white-skinned and can be glorified as "rough diamonds" in the same way the Kray twins were.

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