Thursday, 19 March 2009

Local parents reject BNP governor

Parents of children at Hereward Primary School have condemned the nomination of local BNP leader Pat Richardson as a school governor.

Richardson put herself forward for the role after no candidates came forward from the local community.

Speaking to the Epping Forest Guardian, Hannah Martin, who lives on the Oakwood estate and whose three year old goes to Hereward, said she was disgusted at the prospect of Richardson becoming governor. She said: "My son is mixed race and I know there are lots of black children at the school. Teachers and staff here have always been brilliant in making everyone feel welcome, and I think there is a danger that this would ruin all that."

Sam Kelly, a mother of two whose 10 year old son is at the school, said: "My son has been here for seven years and I have never known any problems over race. I think the school needs to think what kind of message this would send out."

Local father Lee Thurland said: "I don't know much about the BNP but what I have heard I don't like."

The school, which has been praised by OfSTED for its multi-cultural environment, will have to decide whether to accept the nomination of the councillor from the far-right party, which advocates the "repatriation" of non-white people.

Richardson said: "I would hope to bring some common sense to the decision-making process down there."

"Common sense" is what the BNP commonly refers to its policy of alienating and expelling non-white and mixed race people. Advancing BNP policies in a primary school would be very ominous indeed.

If you think you would make a better school governor than the local leader of an extremist political party, you can submit your nomination via the town council:

Town Clerk : Enid Walsh
Loughton Town Council
Buckingham Court
Rectory Lane
Essex, UK.
IG10 2QZ
Tel : +44 (0)20 8508 4200
Fax: +44 (0)20 8508 4400


mandy f said...

I live just round the corner and my two kids go to this school, one of them is mixed race and i am frantic with worry what might happen to him.

I am already looking to find him a safe enough school to go too. Have you got any ideas which i may help?

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

You should put your feelings in writing to the headteacher and the chair of governors, c/o the school's address. If you feel you could do a good job, you may also consider putting yourself forward as a community governor, or try finding someone else who would be suitable to nominate themselves. The more choice the school has, the better able it is to choose whether someone more suitable than Pat Richardson could take up this important position. The fact is that Pat Richardson's appointment has not been decided yet. And I don't think the school, particularly the teaching staff, wants to be put into this awkward position and be saddled with a BNP governor for the next four years.

I'm not personally against Pat Richardson and bear no personal animosity towards her, but it is unacceptable to have a scary party like the BNP involved in our local schools. It lends legitimacy to an ideology that divides the community along the lines of race and religion and stereotypes and persecutes people like your child.

Mayia said...

I don't think l have heard anything so ridiculous in my life. Pat Richardson is a lovely lady. She is 'not' a racist. She has two sons, the youngest has special needs. Some of you are so easily led it is beyond beleif. In the not to distant future you will learn about the UAF, the thugs behind these lies. Just for the record, the policy that has been mentioned of repatriation of immigrants would be voluntary. The Labour party has the same policy.

Mandy F said...

Thanks for your help , i have been to another school out of town and they said they have a few places left, i will be moving my kids out and moving away. thanks

Mayia said...

You are right this is not just about Pat Richardson, it is also about the party she represents. So let's look at it for a minute shall we? They are constantly called violent thugs - without any evidence to back it up. The people who persecute BNP members however 'are' violent thugs. Only last week, outside a fundraising meeting, a BNP member was hit over the head with a hammer, and a vehicle was smashed up. Call me old fashioned, but who are the thugs here? The UAF and Serchlight (bankrolled by the Labour party and supported by David Cameron and other MPs) are always being marched off by the police, never the BNP. They are so desperate now, they will do anything to stop people voting for the BNP. It won't work. To vilify others you have to be better yourself, and they are without doubt the dregs of the far left. The BNP has thrown a spanner in the works of the three party agenda of turning Britain into a multi race country with no identity and no culture of it's own. This will happen over our dead bodies. Our soldiers didn't fight in two world wars just to hand this country over a few years later. Nothing is ever solved with violence, the ballot box is the way forward. Just sit back and think for one moment, and be honest with yourself - is this country a better place than it was 30yrs ago?

Anonymous said...

"They are constantly called violent thugs - without any evidence to back it up."
Um, apart from all the prominent members of the BNP with convictions for violent crime.

"Our soldiers didn't fight in two world wars just to hand this country over a few years later."
What, so British troops were fighting to keep Britain white? In World War 2 I thought the main objective was to get rid of that big racist Adolf Hitler who, like yourself, had a bit of an obsession with racial purity and fear of different cultures.

There's nothing more pathetic and unpatriotic than a reactionary fascist-sympathising old fart like yourself whinging about the state of our great country.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

"Just sit back and think for one moment, and be honest with yourself - is this country a better place than it was 30yrs ago?"

You mean the constant industrial unrest and the Winter of Discontent, the three-day weeks, the IMF loan, sky-high inflation, power cuts, the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the Cold War - yeah, a Golden Age. Even with the current recession, we're better off now than back then. Certainly Debden is a better place. Most people here own their homes, they have one or two cars per house, they have well-performing schools, large open spaces, excellent public transport. There are problems, but Debden is still a better place than it was 30 years ago. And I hate it when the BNP try to put Debden down all the time by portraying it as a crime-ridden slum.

Mayia: Please tell your friends in the BNP not to keep sticking BNP stickers on bus stops around the Broadway. Pat Richardson keeps moaning on about graffiti, but putting these stupid stickers all over the place is vandalism, it is illegal and the council has to pay people to clean them off.

Mayia said...

I am not a BNP member, I was a member of the Labour party for a number of years, but l resigned. Why do you have to be racist because you disagree with mass immigration? I have Indian friends and l love them dearly. Our boys went to school together and we've been friends for 25yrs. They agree with many of the BNP policies, because it doesn't just affect indidginous people but immigrants too. My daughter-in-law is Polish, she's been here for 13yrs. and she too votes for the party, as do many of her Polish friends. Are they racist? Yes we had the winter of dicontent etc; but much of that was because of political screw-ups and the unions. And that is nothing in comparison with rampant gun and knife crime, schools struggling with language problems, the NHS on it's knees. And don't say that it couldn't survive without immigrants, because they didn't come here for our benifit, they came for a better life. Who can blame them? Many of our own workers left because of low pay. This has nothing to do with race or colour, it is about numbers. I absolutely agree with you, Debden is a good place. But what happens nationaly, affects people locally. And as for the Hate no Hope fringe. The people in that party 'now' will not tolerate violence, they would just walk. The same cannot be said of yours.

JuliaM said...

" is unacceptable to have a scary party like the BNP involved in our local schools. It lends legitimacy to an ideology that divides the community along the lines of race and religion and stereotypes and persecutes people like your child."

Good to see a blog focussing on the important things, like the election of a school governor who happens to belong to a political party you don't like.

Hopefully, you'll focus your laser-like attention on the threat of racial attacks too. Like this one, perhaps?

Odd not to see a condemnation of it on your blog, when you were at such pains to point out the awfulness of the 'massive gangland fight' at the Football Academy, in the very same paper...

Or was there a reason you condemned that episode, but have failed to mention this one?

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

Mayia: I am highly sceptical that all your non-white friends vote BNP - either you are not telling the whole truth or they are not telling you the truth because they are scared. Even if these people agreed with BNP policy, they would be denied BNP membership because of their colour as stipulated in the BNP's constitution. It is a whites-only party and frankly I don't like political parties that exclude people on the basis of their ethnicity or religious creed - we had enough of this segregationism in Northern Ireland.

The very small number of non-white people in this area are scared and do suffer racist taunts and intimidation. The problem is greater than areas where the BNP is not present. Anyone who cares to do a little bit of research on the ideological roots of the BNP and the personal backgrounds of its leaders - both nationally and locally - will fear them. It is a neo-Nazi party that has undergone a superficial make-over. No, there's nothing necessarily racist in wanting a reduction or halt in immigration. There is something racist in advocating racial segregation, opposing mixed races relations (why on earth should the state dictate who people should fall in love with?), and seeking the "repatriation" of non-white people (and don't claim it will be "voluntary" under the BNP because if people wanted to leave the country they would do so anyway). These are the BNP's policies.

"Odd not to see a condemnation of it on your blog ..."
It is mentioned here -

JuliaM said...

"It is mentioned here..."

Yes, you drew attention to how awful it was that the BNP were 'glorifying it'.

I wonder how many people actually read the newspaper article itself, or just thought 'Oh, it's another 'white thug' attack...' and didn't bother to click on it?

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

All violence should be condemned and should be condemned, including the violent attack on the BNP activist. Glorifying violence is also absolutely wrong and depraved, including racist violence. As soon as violence is condoned in any way, it legitimates thuggery and criminality. But it is also essential that local councillors do not needlessly heighten the fear of crime by exagerrating it for political purposes and stereotyping criminals as belonging to certain ethnic groups, as the BNP has done in Debden.

Anonymous said...

#Just sit back and think for one moment, and be honest with yourself - is this country a better place than it was 30yrs ago?'

The answer to Mayia's question, incidentally, is 'yes'

Mayia said...

Yes my friends would be denied BNP membership. The BNP is the voice of the indigenous people, we have no one else. They are concerned at the Islamification of this country, and so are we. Their three sons, my husband, my two sons and my daughter in-law all work in the financial sector in the City and Canary wharf, and all use the tube. Anapuna and myself are worried because they are all prime targets. And while we are on the subject, how do you feel about The Black Police Association? Do you feel this is a racist organisation, because last time l looked there were no white people in it. How many Muslim groups do we have? Can you join if you're a Christian, can they become Christian? Come to think of it, why is Brown throwing £90ml at them to stop them radicalising? Why did Boris Johnson throw £30.000 at a Muslim group controlled by a Muslim extremest? There are 4000 known terrorists on the radar. Over 15.000 others want Sharia law. This is 'not' tiny. Why do Muslims blame the Iraq war for their terrorism? they were blowing people up long before that, including their own. And they abuse our soldiers? Most immigrants have never harmed us at all, but others have colonised into no-go areas, are more likly to be out of work and on benifits. Interestingly, in Barking and Dagenham race hate crime fell substantially after the BNP were elected. It's on the Met web-site. Repatriation would be for all immigrants who wish to go home, not just black or Asian. Our boys would be brought home from all foreign wars including Afghanistan, and we would have armed neutrality. What a relief that would be. And best of all, they would pull out of Europe and use the money for our NHS. My neighbours all support them. I don't quite know what you are watching really. When one of their councillors resigned because of work presure, another was voted straight back in, so they must be doing something right.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

"My neighbours all support them. I don't quite know what you are watching really. When one of their councillors resigned because of work presure, another was voted straight back in, so they must be doing something right."

The BNP were roundly defeated in the Alderton ward a few months after the by-election (which they had only won by a whisker). Perhaps your neighbours are not telling you the truth since the tide is turning against the BNP locally. That's why they are resorting to desparate and completely unfounded personal attacks on Rose Brookes, the candidate who won Alderton from the BNP.

Mayia said...

My neighbours were voting BNP long before l ever did. I don't suppose you'll beleive this either, but I worked with Ken Livingstone in 2000 on his campagne for Mayor. I knew Simon Fletcher his then campagne manager and Mark Watts well. When Ken became Mayor Simon was put in charge of a huge managerial brief. Mark became his transport mangager. In the campagn office I worked in the computer room on the second floor, and reception downstairs. I also knew Nicky Gavron (a lovely lady)and worked for her for a time. Went to a couple of parties on the ninth floor too. I have come on an uneasy journey from being Labour through and through, to realising our country was dying as a result of it. Also I didn't like the company Ken was keeping. We will soon see what is happening all over the country with the Euro and General election results. Peter Hain today predicted the BNP could get about 8 MEP seats. Who knows. If you say the tide is turning, I have to tell you I have seen no evidence for this at all. There is so much anger out there, and I fear for the next few months. This is far more dangerous than 30yrs ago, because we have a recession, uncontrolled immigration, and Muslim extremism. From the Sri Lankan man who lost his post office job because of a Muslim petition, to the lady pushed out of her school because of Muslim school governers, it's part of a drip drip of control that we are seeing almost daily. This can't go on.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

"Also I didn't like the company Ken was keeping."

Hey, nobody did and he was kicked out of office for it.

"There is so much anger out there, and I fear for the next few months."

Sure, but why vote for a party that was set up by avowed Nazis? There are better ways to protest than to vote for a party that wants to stop mixed race relations, criminalise homosexuality and push for positive discrimination for white people - areas that the state has no business interfering in. If you are fed up with the state interfering in our lives, then don't vote for an inherently authoritarian party! If you were always Labour, then I assume you must have some progressive bone in your body. Just look at the BNP's agenda, its history and the background of its leading members.

As for Pat Richardson, I struggle to understand where she is coming from. Does she aspire to be a lampshade?

Mayia said...

I was just going to leave it at that. But why insult Pat Richardson? Can any of you have an intelegent debate without name calling? For your information there are many Jews who support the party, I know I've spoken to them. They have as much to fear from Islamists as we have, maybe even more. Politicians are so busy courting votes and lining their pockets, we are not a priority. And yes, I know the history of the party and the people in it. I also know the kinds of people in the other parties including your organisation. The lists are endless. Burglary, paedophilia, vote rigging, violence, harassment, you name it. I really don't think there is much of a leg for anyone to stand on. You all blame the BNP for violence and thuggery, whilst at the same time turning up to the Red White and Blue summer celebarations and various meetings , causing upset and mayhem through towns and villages, and end up being arrested by the police. If you think those people blame the BNP forget it, they know what they saw. The problem you have is that you have a set view of what people should think and believe, and if it doesn't correspond with yours God help them. The BNP isn't perfect, no party is. But the leaked list provided this country with an insite into what the party has become. Over the last 5yrs it has changed beyond recognition. Denying the Holocaust was rediculous and Griffin knows it, but he's not the first and won't be the last.
As a banker and a man not easily impressed, my husband was supprised as Griffin spoke without notes on the Economy, Peak Oil, Europe and Islam. What I'm trying to say is - it's going to take more than name calling, harrasment, and threatening phone calls to prove your point. And the UAF member running out of the studio on the Nicky Cambell discussion on Christianity said it all. Why doesn't Searchlight-UAF stand for election? go head to head with Griffin on TV, then people can make their own minds up. But even the politicians haven't got the guts to do that. And it would be a little difficult banning homosexuality when there are at least three gays in the party that I know of. Labour is not progressive, it is dead.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

"But why insult Pat Richardson?"

Tell me, why would any Jew (even a non-practicing one like Pat Richardson) join or support a party that has long been associated with Holocaust denial and whose founders and leaders (including Griffin) have a long association with fascist movements who advanced anti-semitic conspiracy theories? Pat Richardson is like one of the Warsaw Jewish ghetto police, in my opinion. Fear of Islamic extremism is one thing, but teaming up with a fascist party that was founded on the basis of anti-semitism (it was never simply an anti-immigration party - it is a racial purity, Aryan supremacist group) is quite another. I don't think that Pat Richardson subscribes to Nazi ideology nor do I think she is interested in violence or is a thug, although she associates with some. But she is a leading figure within the local party and she must have given her assent to some of the lies the local party has made in the course of its campaigning - lies that have been condemned by the police, schools and others. I think Richardson is severely deluded rather than a bad person. I think you are also wrong rather than bad. Certainly we cannot describe all BNP supporters as thugs - many are just lashing out against the perceived injustices of the system and some feel highly insecure about the political and economic environment. If one day the scales fell from Pat Richardson's eyes and she recognised the party for what it is - a neo-Nazi party - then I'd be the first to shake her hand, even if she retained her opinions on Islam and immigration.

"Over the last 5yrs it has changed beyond recognition."

So what made hardened fascists like Nick Griffin and Richard Edmonds suddenly change their line?

"Politicians are so busy courting votes and lining their pockets, we are not a priority."

Do you think the BNP are led by infallible people? Some have criminal convictions, so why should we trust them more than any other politician like Eleanor Laing or John Cruddas? Tell me, if a BNP government started to persecute and discriminate against people on the basis of their race or religion and if it started to infringe the right to worship and the right to freedom of speech, which side of the barricades would you be on?

"my husband was supprised as Griffin spoke without notes on the Economy, Peak Oil, Europe and Islam."

There are plenty of pub bores speaking without notes on all these issues. Does he say anything intelligent? Griffin wants a command protectionist economy, closed to trade and with the economy run from the centre. Would any serious businessman who needs to trade and be free of red tape actually accept that?

"it's going to take more than name calling, harrasment, and threatening phone calls to prove your point."

I haven't done that neither have my colleagues, nor would we ever condone that. There have been plenty of name-calling, innuendo, rumour and lies by the Epping Forest BNP and this blog exists to counter that. Moreover, there are some local anti-racist activists who have been threatened and traduced by members of the BNP. It is in no-one's interests to engage in a tit-for-tat exchange of violence and abuse.

"Why doesn't Searchlight-UAF stand for election?"

Well, for a start Searchlight left the UAF because it didn't like the UAF's tactics. Read the letter of resignation here:
and Searchlight's commentary here:
I think part of the impetus for Searchlight's resignation was the histrionics and accusations made by of some SWP members within the UAF and their elitist attitude towards campaigning, in contrast to Searchlight's localised initiatives. You see, the anti-racist and anti-fascist movement is composed of a diverse range of people, most of whom do not subscribe to violent tactics or intimidation.

As for BNP policies, I don't think you've actually read them and if you have you have not considered them critically enough.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

The BNP's focus on the vilification of Islam and Muslims is also a distraction from some of the very real bread-and-butter issues we are facing amid the current economic crisis. Islam did not cause the collapse of the banking system and Islam did not preside over the demise of savings and pensions. Immigration is not responsible for the economic crisis and Black and Asian people are as badly affected as the rest of us. What is the BNP's solution? "Repatriation" of members of minority groups that are legally in the country and discouraging or banning mixed race relations? If they are not responsible for the crisis, then why is purging them from this country considered a solution? Or is it because they are a conveniant excuse and an easy way of rabble rousing among an angry, insecure and depressed electorate?

Those responsible for this crisis would be more than satisfied with the BNP deflecting attention onto Islam and immigration, because it means they can escape being called to account.

Mayia said...

You are so wrong about most of the above. Rajinder Singh has been lecturing at BNP meetings for years. Members of his family were murdered by Muslims and he warns party members of the violence worldwide that has been going on for decades. He has been a friend of Nicks for years, and although not a member is loyal to the party. It's so much easier for you to believe that all the members are fools, and the leaders are criminals. I was told some time ago that
your leader is a convicted burgler. And why is it both UAF and your website reports are virtualy cross referenced? Are you really telling me that Searchlight never lie about the BNP? I've been in politics a long time and I've seen it all. But I have never come across such a nasty bunch people in my life. Minorities are not responsible for the mess we are in, politicians are. It's the shere numbers that have come in over the last five years. If I am wrong about this, then Sir Andrew Green, Migration Watch must be living in cuckoo land. And if everyone is happy with it, why is it that the indigenous people that used to live in the East End and huge parts of London have moved out? And I have to say, I have never heard a Cambridge Law graduate in a pub make a speech of the Griffins calibre. We need to do what Australia in doing. Thier Muslims are told to adapt thier way of life, not the other way around or leave. Let's just agree to differ, you are far left and I am a Nationalist. Let the voters decide.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

Rajinder Singh is not representative of the Sikh community. Many Punjabi Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus were killed in the partition of India. He represents a narrow Sikh communalist faction, the kind of people who supported the Kalistan terrorist movement. Look, go do some research instead of repeating BNP mantras.

"I was told some time ago that your leader is a convicted burgler."

If you are referring to Gerry Gable (not "my leader" at all), he wasn't prosecuted for burglary. That's another BNP libel. Again, do some research.

"if everyone is happy with it, why is it that the indigenous people that used to live in the East End and huge parts of London have moved out?"

Many have moved out for the simple reason that they have got wealthier and don't want to live in a part of London that has, since the Victorian era, suffered from poor housing conditions, poverty and high rates of crime. But many people have stayed in the East End and don't share the BNP's animosity towards foreigners. The East End has always been culturally diverse.

"Let's just agree to differ, you are far left and I am a Nationalist."

I am not "far left". I've simply rejected the BNP's politics. Even the majority of people in Debden don't vote BNP and the support the BNP did have is ebbing away, as shown in Alderton and Fairmead last year - and in Broadway, only the Conservatives increased their share of the vote. If you think that politics is polarised between far-left and far-right and that only the far-left is mobilising against the BNP, then I don't think you have the political experience you claim to have.

There is a huge difference, by the way, between the concerns Sir Andrew Green has raised about the level and sustainability of immigration and the racial eugenicism that lies behind the BNP's ideology. In fact, MigrationWatch dismisses the BNP's manifesto on immigration is "rhetoric, not serious policy." (

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

"Minorities are not responsible for the mess we are in, politicians are."

If immigration is not the cause of the economic crisis, why is repatriation a solution?

Mayia said...

Because our Indentity Culture and Security are at risk that's why. Of course I have read the policies, I wouldn't have any interest in this party if I hadn't. If we are not carefull our grandchildren will be a minority in their own country. That is obviously something you are happily working towards. I for one will not sit on my backside and let this happen. Sir Andrew Green has said this mass immigration is pure madness, that's why Migration Watch exists in the first place. Interestingly, twenty young Muslims have just returned from Pakistan after undergoing terrorist training, 4 are thought to have been fighting our troups. There are thought to be hundreds more. Never mind, I'm sure it's all nonsense. I have no idea what you mean by BNP mantras? I speak from my own experience over time. And if you're having problems with that then tough. Do you think you are the only one to understand the history of all this? you are hilariously arrogant. Your views of the East End are a joke. My family came from Forest Gate, and a hell of a lot of people did move out because they couldn't stand what was happening to the place. And if, as you say, that Hindus, Jews and Sikh's will not be voting for the BNP, then you won't have anything to worry about then will you. I'm off to Australia for 4 weeks. I enjoyed our debate, and look forward to the elections. The meeting tonight was outstanding, both serious and great fun.
PS. If that man commited no offece by the way, then he should sue.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

"Sir Andrew Green has said this mass immigration is pure madness, that's why Migration Watch exists in the first place."

His figures are widely disputed by academic migration specialists. I think he exagerrates and problemmatises. But what he doesn't engage in is an ideology of racial eugenics and exclusivism that lie at the heart of BNP policy. In fact, Migration Watch seeks to eliminate religious and racial segregation and encourage cohesion, integration and nation building. This is far from the BNP's policies, despite the fact that the BNP try to vindicate their line by using Migration Watch.

"If that man commited no offece by the way, then he should sue."

He did threaten to sue and the BNP backed down from their allegations of burglary. He was convicted over 45 years ago of "entry by edifice" into the flat of the neo-Nazi Holocaust denier David Irving, a friend of Nick Griffin, with the intention finding incriminating papers to pass on to Special Branch. He was fined £28. Now, you may want to portray Gerry Gable as a hardened criminal, but what he did was small-fry compared to the criminal convictions of leading BNP activists. Richard Edmonds, who spoke at a recent Epping Forest BNP meeting, violently attacked a mixed race couple with a broken bottle in a pub in the East End - he was given a prison sentence. Take a look at the background of the psychotic thug Tony Lecomber, Griffin's group development officer who was defended and protected by the leadership until it was revealed by a Liverpool gangster associated with the BNP that Lecomber was planning to assassinate a cabinet minister. Don't take my word for it, ask Eddy Butler, who was attacked by Lecomber in one of his violent rages outside Loughton tube station. This is not a serious party, it is an example of the kind of hooliganism that shamed English football - and by extension shamed England - in the 1980s.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

Mayia: Are you aware that Nick Griffin cosied up to Libyan dictator Colonel Qaddafi and Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini to get funds at a time when both countries were implicated in international terrorism, including Lockerbie? At the time, Griffin was propagating antisemitic literature. Now, he rails against Islam and claims to be a friend of Jewish, Sikh and Hindu people. What does this say about Griffin's opportunism? Why should we believe any word that man and his party say about their "changed ways"?

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

Any comments that are lengthy "cut and paste" jobs from the media will be deleted. This is not an archive of plagiarised material. Please make your own points and speak for yourself.

Jonathan said...

The fact you have now read this is enough. I sent it to make a point, given your remarks to the last subscriber. It was in the media, so most people saw it anyway. There are more stories about to break. Your simplistic view of this country is 'simply' ludicrous. We are in a mess because of immigration, and no amount glossing over it will work now. It's gone too far. We will all get the same old leaflets telling us about that party and the history of it's members. we've seen it all before. We are interested in what it has become and not what it was. I suppose it would be ok if we voted for Sinn Fein? Wouldn't have any problem with that would you?.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

The BNP has not changed under Griffin, it has had a make-over and a shift in rhetoric. I don't believe for one moment that the rabid and violent anti-semite Richard Edmonds, who has devoted his life to the promotion of Nazi ideology, has had a Road of Damascus moment. The same for the rest of them. There was no internal debate, no public renunciation of racism, no new agenda. It is the same convicted criminals pushing the same ideology of hate. The BNP still essentially believes in the supremacy and purity of the white race, the creation of an all-white Britain and the imposition of an authoritarian government with a protectionist command economy.

Migration Watch is making a point about immigration, not race. It's one thing to talk about immigration, quite another to turn this into an argument about the purity of the volk.

Incidentally, the Conservative party used the immigration and asylum as two of its main campaign issues in the 2005 general election. But this did not give it many more supporters.

Jonathan said...

The reason this did not help the Conservatives was because people did not believe them for one minute, and times were very different then. I am not a member of the BNP yet, but I have met loads of people who are. They come from all walks of life, from Nurses to Doctors, Accountants and so on. But you already know that don't you? You just chose to ignore it. If the people you mention revert backwards, then all the good people will just leave and they know it. You prefer to look at, and speak about the party from years ago because it is more convenient, not just for Searchlight, and the UAF, but to the three manin parties too. There is a plan for this country that would see it disappear into a European superstate ruled by money grabbing fools, and there is a huge majority that does not want that to happen. We used to be in the labour party, but last election we voted Tory. We thought they might just be stronger on immigration and Europe. That didn't happen, so now we will be voting for the BNP. We are awaiting the smear leaflets, I'm sure you are all beavering away. But I will tell you this. In this country we have never had such a traitorous rabble in Parliament. With their expences and disgusting disregard for the people they are supposed to serve. You hear from them once every 4yrs, as they fight like rats in a sack to stay in power or gain it. The members in the BNP are honest middle and working class, and they put that rotten shower to shame.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

"You prefer to look at, and speak about the party from years ago because it is more convenient"

Well, we're not talking about decades ago. Watch the documentary "Young, Nazi and Proud", which follows Griffin's protege Mark Collett: Look at how the violent thug Tony Lecomber was cosetted and protected by Griffin until last year (despite his violent disposition, including towards fellow party members), when it was revealed that he said he wanted to assassinate a government minister. The same people are there, they believe the same things and they simply getting better able at hiding their Nazi ideology under a PR veneer. They have simply become more capable campaigners, but they have not renounced anything. They are not a normal party, even if some educated people have been recently duped into joining them.

"We used to be in the labour party, but last election we voted Tory. We thought they might just be stronger on immigration and Europe. That didn't happen, so now we will be voting for the BNP."

I don't understand the logic. You are not voting Conservative because they didn't win last time, so now you will vote for the BNP which has very little chance of getting even one seat in parliament.

"There is a plan for this country that would see it disappear into a European superstate ruled by money grabbing fools, and there is a huge majority that does not want that to happen."

People had the chance to vote for a party, UKIP, whose only platform was to withdraw from the EU and it won 12 seats in the EP. But the huge majority voted for mainstream parties that wanted to engage in the EU. And I think they will do so again this year and even if the BNP matched the UKIP vote, that would not prove that a majority supported it - it would merely prove it represented a significant minority. I am not putting forward any viewpoint on the EU, just pointing out that the huge majority are not prepared to vote for those who want withdrawal.

Jonathan said...

So how come all the recent polls say that most Brits want out of the EU? When were there accounts last signed off? We are not voting Conservative because they are pro EU (even though Cameron used to be against it) and they are not strong enough on immigration. We will vote for whoever has the right policies to bring this country back. UKIP trail the BNP in most local elections, although they have just been given some money from an X Tory because he doesn't like Cameron's stance on the EU either. Labour is finished and Cameron is too weak. The only person we listen to in the Lib-Dems is Vice Cable. We have a lot of respect for his views on the economy. The next election will be very interesting indeed.

Jonathon said...

By the way, just in case you didn't know. The man who exposed Derek Conway, the Winterton's and others, was retired Police Inspector Michael Barnbrook BNP candidate for Bexley, recently loosing by just eight votes. The BNP and Conway link was reported for just one day only in the media.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

"So how come all the recent polls say that most Brits want out of the EU?"

I don't know. But the fact is that the majority vote for parties that oppose withdrawal, so either the polls are wrong or the people don't regard it as a high enough priority for them.

"UKIP trail the BNP in most local elections"

Probably because voting UKIP only makes sense when voting on the issue of Europe and because UKIP does not have a large enough local activist base. Nevertheless, the BNP has less than 60 of the thousands of council seats nation-wide, and it seems to have hit the ceiling at this number with any gains outweighed by losses. This compares with 116 Green party councillors.

The BNP is only a force in certain areas. Even in Loughton, it seems to be straightjacketed in three wards, two of which it suffered losses last year. In the county elections, I doubt it will put up a serious challenge in the Chigwell and Broadway ward or the Loughton South and Buckhurst Hill ward, because these include solid strongholds of other parties - the former Tory, the latter LibDem. And it will struggle with Loughton Central. I guess this is why we're not hearing much about their county council election campaign.

I don't believe that any issue is off limits to debate, including immigration and multi-culturalism. I question the efficacy of voting for a party that not so long ago proudly wore the swastika and has had no change in personnel since then. There are better ways to make a point than jumping in the political loony bin as a protest against the establishment.

As for the BNP councillors locally, I don't think they are even particularly good at anything but moaning. In the years since they got elected, I can't think of one thing they have actually brought to Loughton other than their notoriety. They say they were the first to deal with the "problem" of Epping Forest College - in fact, the problem they invented was that college students were running rampage, whereas the real problem was the failure of the college to deliver a decent education. They said they single-handedly solved the graffiti problem in Debden, but this has been a problem all over the district and the BNP has had no role in actually solving it - in fact, they have added to the problem by sticking their stickers on bus stops. Occasionally they embarrass themselves by making ridiculous statements - eg the "racist incident" between pupils at Roding Valley and Davenant, for which they were hauled up in front of the headmasters and told the actual course of events, which was quite different from the BNP's portrayal. The rest of what they say seems to be petty and snide remarks about other parish councillors, often verging on libel. At best, they are useless rookies.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

Just one thing, Jonathan. You seem astonished that people should fear and loathe the BNP. Some of my relatives died in the Nazi Holocaust which Nick Griffin repeatedly denied even happened. In fact, the party founders and many of its long-standing activists until very recently openly worshipped Hitler, excused and justified the persecution of Jews and expounded Jewish conspiracy theories. Do you not think that there are reasonable grounds to oppose this party? Don't you even understand how having this party active in my community feels? And don't give me the line about Pat Richardson being Jewish - she is a deluded woman who is being used for PR purposes to paper over the BNP's racist ideology. The Jewish community abhors the BNP for very good reasons.

Jonathan said...

As far as Epping Forest College is concerned, both my son and daughter in law had close shaves whith some of the kids coming out of that colledge and within Debden Station too. The police ignored what was going on, so they complained to one of the BNP councillors and one of their neighbours did too. You appear to think everyone is deluded except you. Given the Jewish names on Pat's e-mail list, me thinks you are a bit off kilter. She's not being used by anybody. She fears Islamification of this country. And given people like Anjam Choudhry are allowed to say and do exactly what he likes along with many others, she's the only one. And yes, Griffin did deny the holocaust, there are lot's of people who do. They are wrong. But the party policies are right.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

Jonathan, the police have stated that there are no gangs of black and Asian college students running rampage over Debden. It isn't happening. I use Debden tube and don't recognise the picture the BNP paints. I would not, however, walk around the Broadway or cross some of the parks at night due to the gangs of local kids, some of whom are too young to be out and are drinking and smashing bottles in the children's playgrounds.

As for the Holocaust denial and accusations of Jewish conspiracies that Griffin promoted vigorously, ever wondered why? Something to do with their Hitlerite fantasies? Why on earth should we believe that long-standing antisemites like Griffin, Edmonds, Collett and the rest of them - once the dregs of the National Front - are suddenly friends of the Jewish community? They are thoroughly devious.

Given that you claim to have access to Pat Richardson's email list and are defending the BNP's record, it is fairly obvious that you are not just an ordinary resident who happens to be disillusioned and "voting BNP this time". You are a BNP activist and probably a councillor. If there are Jews involved in that party, they are worse than Warsaw ghetto police because they'll be the next to go after the Muslims, in the BNP's ideology.

Jonathan said...

I had to smile when I saw that comment. You are so wrong. I have never been an activist or a member. I would never have the time. The reason I am aware of the names on Pat Richardson's e-mail was because I was sent a joke by someone who knows a friend of hers. I'm sorry to disappoint, but it's as innocent as that. I spoke to her on the doorstep and went to one meeting. I met her just before she was voted in for her seconed term. That's it.

Anonymous said...

Mayia. Islamification of Britain? You sound like you have already been brainwashed. Check this link.

Let the worl see what the BNP is really like.