Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Jews take on BNP in European elections


Last week the Your Voice of Theirs group, backed by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, launched its response to the BNP European Election campaign. It is distributing 1,000 campaign kits across the country to take some local positive action against the politics of hate advocated by the BNP. Get involved in the campaign, find out what is happening in your area and most importantly ask you friends to join the campaign.

From the Your Voice of Their's website:

On Thursday 4th of June residents across the European Union vote to elect Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s). The UK gets 60 MEP’s from across our 12 regions to represent us in Europe.

2009 marks 70 years since the beginning of the Second World War. 70 years since we united together as British citizens to fight against European fascism. Unfortunately the battle is not over and we are seeing the rise of the far right and their politics of hate across the country.

The British National Party is contesting these elections in every region, in every corner of the country. We must not forget who the BNP are and what they stand for. They are campaigning hard in these elections and so must we. Now is not the time for apathy.

The Board of Deputies has launched a campaign to touch every corner of the community. To mobilise the vote and to defeat the politics of hatred at the ballot box.

Join us and join the campaign because there is only one question – In Europe do you want to hear “Your Voice or Theirs”.

Henry Grunwald QC

President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews

Who are the BNP and why do we need to get involved?

The BNP have a history of racism and antisemitism. Their leader has been arrested and convicted for inciting racial hatred. The rhetoric and views propagated by the BNP promote hatred and disharmony.

In June, the UK votes in the European Elections. The BNP may secure over 1 million votes in these elections and the voting system will allow the BNP to get MEP’s for the first time, unless you use your vote to stop them. A vote for any of the mainstream parties will make it harder for the BNP to succeed.

For each MEP elected the BNP will get over £250,000, through salaries, allowances and expenses, per annum in additional resources from the UK taxpayer.

Every vote counts in these elections. The higher the level of turnout, the harder it is for the BNP to succeed.

The BNP tactic of playing down their hatred of Jews and playing up their hatred of Muslims they will attract support from within the Jewish Community. This attempt to divide communities will not work. The efforts of the BNP can be seen as nothing more than a sham and a cynical attempt to hide their extremism and antisemitism.

Make sure that the BNP aren’t successful by joining the campaign and by using your vote to stop them.


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I am sorry to ask this, but is this a Jewish website?

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No, but would you have a problem if it was?