Wednesday, 18 March 2009

We're not Marxists, we're just concerned residents

The BNP is keen to portray its opponents - everyone from the Labour and Conservative parties to the residents association, local headmasters and policemen - as politically correct lunatic lefty appeasers of Islamic extremism, as if red-baiting is still a rabble rouser nearly two decades after the Iron Curtain fell.

Epping Forest BNP Watch is no Trotskyist front, as portrayed by desperate BNP activists who realise their time is up in Epping Forest district. Among the first people to support us are the award-winning Harry's Place blog, a leading political blog that not only opposes racism and antisemitism but is known for its confrontations with the Islamist far-right and their sympathisers.

Harry's Place contributor David T writes: "I was born in Epping, and I am a proud Essex boy. Therefore, I can’t begin to tell you how delighted I am to see a new blog on the block - Epping Forest BNP Watch. EFBNPW, as I’m sure it won’t come to be known, provides a first rate and forensic commentary on the activities of the local fascists, in my home country. With the kind permission of the blog, we’ll be running regular items from its pages on Harry’s Place."

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