Tuesday, 17 February 2009

BNP's playground race war

Last October Epping Forest BNP reported a "major racial incident" in Loughton, involving "up to 30 ethnic youths" from Debden Davenant school launching a racial attack on innocent white schoolchildren from nearby Roding Valley School (as reported on this site when it was run by the BNP).

The "ethnic" racists even turned their violence on a policeman, who, according to the BNP, had to fend them off with CS gas. The BNP added that it was not surprised at the attacks since "we have seen this school go down hill for years now. It now resembles something from the inner city areas."

As it turned out, neither group was ethnically homogenous nor was the fight - apparently between just two or three youths, egged on by their friends - anything more than the kind of school gang rivalry that most people can remember from their childhoods. Such fights should be condemned and the pupils disciplined, but the reasons for the extraordinary political intervention by BNP councillors Pat Richardson and Rod Law in what was a playground fight that got out of hand should also be condemned.

Davenant Foundation School is the kind of school that the BNP would normally champion as it excludes those who are not committed Christians from admission and religious assemblies are compulsory. With no chance of being subjected to repugnant politically correct multi-culty rubbish or rubbing shoulders with jihadists who want to prostitute girls to paedophiles, Davenant is the kind of school that upholds "our nation's Christian heritage" that the BNP claims to defend. Far from "going downhill", it has some of the best GCSE results in Essex and OFSTED has judged it "outstanding" in almost all areas.

So why is the BNP waging a war on a highly successful Christian ecumenical school? In its report, OFSTED notes that "about 13% of students are from minority ethnic backgrounds, a percentage which is significantly higher than that for other Essex schools." Roding Valley School has a far lower proportion of non-white students, a proportion that is roughly the same as the 99% racially white town it is situated in. There lies the explanation.

By casting aspersions and telling blatant lies, the BNP is attempting to scale up playground fights into race wars and turn local people against black schoolchildren. It is an example of the racist and white supremacist agenda that is the core of the BNP's ideology. Confessional allegiances are rather irrelevant to the BNP's agenda, particularly as the party has been condemned by Loughton Churches Together, which brings together all Christian denominations.

BNP leader Nick Griffin has repeatedly spoken out against miscegenation, a more polite term for what BNP activists in private call "mongrelising the white race". They hate the idea of race mixing - white and black children and teenagers forming friendships, getting too comfortable with one another and perhaps, when adults, having mixed race children together.

Desperate to win support for racial segregation and the expulsion of non-white people from Britain, the BNP has turned on schoolchildren and is fighting playground brawls. Waging war on schoolkids - how low can they go?

Fortunately, the BNP's racist agenda has been rejected by local young people. A local headmaster told me that, despite the BNP's presence, there was no evidence of racism among pupils at his school and teachers from ethnic minorities, who make up a significant number of the teaching staff, had never complained of racist abuse. Racist politics has been stopped at the school gates by the decency and common sense of the vast majority of local young people.

Whatever happened to Epping Forest BNP?

The previous incarnation of this website was run as Epping Forest BNP's only internet presence, but was suddenly deleted - and action that allowed Epping Forest BNP watch to re-register the site.

You may be wondering why the blog has deserted its many loyal readers. Someone with insider knowledge tells us why:

"The BNP HQ sent out a directive last year that all their local blog sites etc should not carry the official BNP logo. It could say its 'The Epping Branch Blog' but the BNP appeared to be running scared over people who were in conflict with the leadership posting anything damaging to Griffin and co or might just be in breach of the Race Relations Laws.
"A couple of weeks or so ago they demanded that this order be carried out so a whole number of existing BNP Blogs vanished and some are being replaced with new ones, some regions/Branches are running both side by side.
"So this is possibly what is taking place in Epping."

Racist laughs at victim of violent racist attack in Debden on KKK forum

A local racist celebrated a violent racist attack on a black man in Debden Broadway on Stormfront, a website associated with the notorious Ku Klux Klan.

The attack on the 34 year old black man by a gang of white youths shouting racist taunts occurred in April last year. The BNP supporter boasted that the gang could not have been Asian because "Asians wouldn't have the guts to roam around Loughton at night."

The responses from the Stormfront community were predictable:
"I really hope they were white because that makes me think maybe britian isn't full of castrated men."
"I just cannot bring myself to condemn any white that attacks blacks simply because they are black. Part of me thinks it is wrong if the person is innocent. The growing part of me thinks that we should all be doing this every day."
"I like to think of attacks like this ... as resistance."
"Unless the lives of the ethnic parasites are made 'uncomfortable' ... they're here for keeps. Every little helps ..."
"If they do go around attacking innocent people, white and others, then let's hope they get caught soon and put away. If they are actually only commiting racial attacks then I can't condemn them."

BNP members regularly post to the site, despite leader Nick Griffin's directives to keep away from Stormfront - largely because it has served as a forum for criticism of his leadership by disenchanted BNP activists.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Say it loud: BNP are Nazis

Local BNP activists are highly sensitive about the term Nazi, which is odd as the goose-stepping party founder, the late John Tyndall, and his successor Nick Griffin - convicted of inciting racial hatred over his antisemitic pamphlets - were proud to 'seig heil' under the swastika not so long ago. Pictured is a photo of Griffin's personal bodyguard showing off his tattoos to the boys.

In October 2008, Alderton ward BNP councillor Tony Frankland hit out at Broadway ward Labour councillor Tom Owen for referring to the "fascist party". In a letter to the Epping Forest Guardian, Frankland said that "it is time that people like Tom Owen stopped referring to the BNP as fascists, which gave rise to Hitler and his despicable third Reich."

Yet, in June 2005 the Standards Board ruled that it was acceptable to call the BNP "nazi", rejecting a complainted by a BNP councillor against LibDem councillor Gavin Stollar who had said, "We don't want nazis in our town". The Standards Board said that Stollar "expressed his views on a rival political party within the normal and acceptable limits of political debate".

The cross-over between terrorism, football hooliganism and the BNP has been well-documented. Do we want these Nazis operating in our communities and in charge of our taxes?

Which international conspiracy this week? Jews, Gays, Blacks, Communists ...?

Back in November, in this blog's previous incarnation as a BNP propaganda site, Epping Forest BNP derided the Loughton Residents Association for not campaigning against travellers sites. They are apparently unaware that there are no travellers sites actually planned for Loughton and therefore no reason for the LRA to take a position, despite the sympathy LRA members may share with potentially affected residents in other parts of the district. Never ones to let the truth get in the way of a good conspiracy, the BNP accused the LRA of having sinister "Marxist links", a euphemism for the "international communist conspiracy".

One wonders what role LRA cadre will play in the coming workers revolution. Will they be promoting agricultural collectivisation at their next Farmers Market? Will the Hammer and Sickle be flown from Lopping Hall on May Day? Will they unleash a Red Terror on Debden Broadway? Take a look at these apparatchiks and be afraid, be very afraid.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

BNP badly damaged in Epping Forest election campaign

A bulletin from Redbridge and Epping Forest Together, published on 3 June 2008 - taken from the Stop the BNP website

The Epping Forest Branch of the British National Party were licking their wounds after losing two of the three District Council seats they fought for the elections on 1 May. Their council group leader, Patricia Richardson, known far and wide as the BNP's Jewish collaborator, only retained a seat on the council after a last-minute shift to a different ward.

Rose Brookes, a popular local figure who has previously served as a councillor, won the Loughton Alderton seat for Loughton Residents Association, with a large lead over the BNP. In a by-election last summer the BNP candidate had defeated her by only 26 votes.

Rejoining Loughton Town Council was the Labour Party veteran Tom Owen. The BNP, standing for Loughton Town Council for the first time, took five seats, far fewer than they had hoped to win.

A week before the election the BNP councillors had shot themselves in the foot by condemning a new multi-faith forum that has been set up in the district. For once the Epping Forest Guardian, noted for its partial support for the BNP and its councillors, was stung into running the headline "BNP 'shame'of faith forum snub".

Local residents were able to listen to the BNP's nastiness and ignorance as Epping Forest District Council broadcasts council meetings live on the internet. BNP councillor Rod Law, one of three BNP councillors present (the other three of what were then six BNP councillors were absent), speaking against a motion noting the forum's formation said: "Forums like these are an absolute waste of resources for the council and are only put together to promote diversity and multiculturalism which we feel is absolutely detrimental to the very fabric of society". Cllr Pat Richardson claimed councillors were being "brow beaten into accepting the concept that the public purse, the taxpayer, has to fund this".

Deputy council leader Chris Whitbread pointed out that the council was not paying for the forum. He accused the BNP of doing nothing for Loughton, disappearing when the council discusses the needs of the community and turning up only to "talk about dividing our community". He continued: "You are a disgrace to this council and you are a disgrace to our community".

Several other councillors, who clearly have the measure of these extremists, stood up to condemn the BNP's "disgraceful" and "disgusting" comments and emphasised the importance of everyone working together as a community.

It has now become clear that the BNP believe religious groups are all part of a big conspiracy against them. The churches in Epping and beyond have gone out of the their way to attack the BNP and what it stands for and they have been joined by other faiths, the Searchlight/Hope not hate campaign and Redbridge and Epping Forest Together.

REFT makes no excuses for this. For once the BNP have got it right: most people do not like
them. The Epping Forest Guardian soon reverted to type with a front page picture of Cllr Richardson and no proper coverage of the election of Rose Brookes and Tom Owen.

Over in Redbridge BNP Cllr Julian Leppert was running true to form by opposing a residents' campaign to keep open Seven Kings swimming pool, claiming that Seven Kings is like the Third World. We are not sure how he would know as no sooner had he won his seat in Hainault ward he packed his bags and moved to Loughton to be close to the rest of the BNP's motley crew.

On Redbridge Council, harsh words were exchanged between Cllr Harold Moth, a Conservative councillor for Hainault, and council leader Alan Weinberg. Moth was ordered out of a meeting after he labelled Weinberg “a covert member of the BNP”. Weinberg reacted furiously saying, “How can you accuse a Jew of being a member of the Nazi party?”, at which Leppert insisted Weinberg withdraw his remark. Weinberg refused saying: “The BNP are an extreme right wing party with Nazi views and I will not withdraw the comment”.

The BNP have reported Cllr Weinberg to the Standards Board for England, which three years ago ruled on a BNP complaint against the former Epping Forest Liberal Democrat councillor Gavin Stollar that calling the BNP nazi was “within the normal and acceptable limits of political debate”.

On that occasion the BNP had again used Richardson's Jewishness as the excuse for the complaint, claiming that calling the BNP nazi would hurt her feelings. Surprisingly her feelings do not seem to be hurt by the fact that Tony Lecomber, who has mentored her since she joined the BNP, once served a prison sentence for assaulting a young Jewish teacher.

Cllr Weinberg intends not only to defend his name as both a councillor and a Jew but to expose the national socialist nature of the BNP to the world. REFT and others are more than happy to assist him in this admirable endeavour.

While Cllr Leppert has managed to keep his trap shut over this matter, the same is not true for Jason Douglas, the well known twice-convicted football hooligan and the BNP's organiser for Redbridge, Waltham Forest and Havering. His letter to the Ilford Recorder, which appeared under the heading "It's time to get facts straight", said:

"With reference to Cllr Moth's 'covert member of the BNP' and Cllr Weinberg's 'How can you accuse a Jew of being a member of the Nazi party' comments at the Redbridge council meeting, doesn't Cllr Weinberg know about the BNP?

"Since Nick Griffin became leader, he has turned the party into an election winner, where
its policies have the support of many London voters.

"Epping Forest District councillor, Pat Richardson - who happens to be Jewish - heads the BNP group on the council.

"The BNP stands for the forgotten voice in multi-racial Britain."

This is yet another BNP attempt to make use of Richardson's Jewishness. Douglas should stick to driving his London taxi and try putting his brain into gear before opening his gob. Richardson's opposition to the Epping Forest multi-faith forum just shows her contempt for any religion.