Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Racist laughs at victim of violent racist attack in Debden on KKK forum

A local racist celebrated a violent racist attack on a black man in Debden Broadway on Stormfront, a website associated with the notorious Ku Klux Klan.

The attack on the 34 year old black man by a gang of white youths shouting racist taunts occurred in April last year. The BNP supporter boasted that the gang could not have been Asian because "Asians wouldn't have the guts to roam around Loughton at night."

The responses from the Stormfront community were predictable:
"I really hope they were white because that makes me think maybe britian isn't full of castrated men."
"I just cannot bring myself to condemn any white that attacks blacks simply because they are black. Part of me thinks it is wrong if the person is innocent. The growing part of me thinks that we should all be doing this every day."
"I like to think of attacks like this ... as resistance."
"Unless the lives of the ethnic parasites are made 'uncomfortable' ... they're here for keeps. Every little helps ..."
"If they do go around attacking innocent people, white and others, then let's hope they get caught soon and put away. If they are actually only commiting racial attacks then I can't condemn them."

BNP members regularly post to the site, despite leader Nick Griffin's directives to keep away from Stormfront - largely because it has served as a forum for criticism of his leadership by disenchanted BNP activists.

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