Tuesday, 17 February 2009

BNP's playground race war

Last October Epping Forest BNP reported a "major racial incident" in Loughton, involving "up to 30 ethnic youths" from Debden Davenant school launching a racial attack on innocent white schoolchildren from nearby Roding Valley School (as reported on this site when it was run by the BNP).

The "ethnic" racists even turned their violence on a policeman, who, according to the BNP, had to fend them off with CS gas. The BNP added that it was not surprised at the attacks since "we have seen this school go down hill for years now. It now resembles something from the inner city areas."

As it turned out, neither group was ethnically homogenous nor was the fight - apparently between just two or three youths, egged on by their friends - anything more than the kind of school gang rivalry that most people can remember from their childhoods. Such fights should be condemned and the pupils disciplined, but the reasons for the extraordinary political intervention by BNP councillors Pat Richardson and Rod Law in what was a playground fight that got out of hand should also be condemned.

Davenant Foundation School is the kind of school that the BNP would normally champion as it excludes those who are not committed Christians from admission and religious assemblies are compulsory. With no chance of being subjected to repugnant politically correct multi-culty rubbish or rubbing shoulders with jihadists who want to prostitute girls to paedophiles, Davenant is the kind of school that upholds "our nation's Christian heritage" that the BNP claims to defend. Far from "going downhill", it has some of the best GCSE results in Essex and OFSTED has judged it "outstanding" in almost all areas.

So why is the BNP waging a war on a highly successful Christian ecumenical school? In its report, OFSTED notes that "about 13% of students are from minority ethnic backgrounds, a percentage which is significantly higher than that for other Essex schools." Roding Valley School has a far lower proportion of non-white students, a proportion that is roughly the same as the 99% racially white town it is situated in. There lies the explanation.

By casting aspersions and telling blatant lies, the BNP is attempting to scale up playground fights into race wars and turn local people against black schoolchildren. It is an example of the racist and white supremacist agenda that is the core of the BNP's ideology. Confessional allegiances are rather irrelevant to the BNP's agenda, particularly as the party has been condemned by Loughton Churches Together, which brings together all Christian denominations.

BNP leader Nick Griffin has repeatedly spoken out against miscegenation, a more polite term for what BNP activists in private call "mongrelising the white race". They hate the idea of race mixing - white and black children and teenagers forming friendships, getting too comfortable with one another and perhaps, when adults, having mixed race children together.

Desperate to win support for racial segregation and the expulsion of non-white people from Britain, the BNP has turned on schoolchildren and is fighting playground brawls. Waging war on schoolkids - how low can they go?

Fortunately, the BNP's racist agenda has been rejected by local young people. A local headmaster told me that, despite the BNP's presence, there was no evidence of racism among pupils at his school and teachers from ethnic minorities, who make up a significant number of the teaching staff, had never complained of racist abuse. Racist politics has been stopped at the school gates by the decency and common sense of the vast majority of local young people.

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