Monday, 16 February 2009

Say it loud: BNP are Nazis

Local BNP activists are highly sensitive about the term Nazi, which is odd as the goose-stepping party founder, the late John Tyndall, and his successor Nick Griffin - convicted of inciting racial hatred over his antisemitic pamphlets - were proud to 'seig heil' under the swastika not so long ago. Pictured is a photo of Griffin's personal bodyguard showing off his tattoos to the boys.

In October 2008, Alderton ward BNP councillor Tony Frankland hit out at Broadway ward Labour councillor Tom Owen for referring to the "fascist party". In a letter to the Epping Forest Guardian, Frankland said that "it is time that people like Tom Owen stopped referring to the BNP as fascists, which gave rise to Hitler and his despicable third Reich."

Yet, in June 2005 the Standards Board ruled that it was acceptable to call the BNP "nazi", rejecting a complainted by a BNP councillor against LibDem councillor Gavin Stollar who had said, "We don't want nazis in our town". The Standards Board said that Stollar "expressed his views on a rival political party within the normal and acceptable limits of political debate".

The cross-over between terrorism, football hooliganism and the BNP has been well-documented. Do we want these Nazis operating in our communities and in charge of our taxes?

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Anonymous said...

It's sieg heil, not seig heil.