Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Whatever happened to Epping Forest BNP?

The previous incarnation of this website was run as Epping Forest BNP's only internet presence, but was suddenly deleted - and action that allowed Epping Forest BNP watch to re-register the site.

You may be wondering why the blog has deserted its many loyal readers. Someone with insider knowledge tells us why:

"The BNP HQ sent out a directive last year that all their local blog sites etc should not carry the official BNP logo. It could say its 'The Epping Branch Blog' but the BNP appeared to be running scared over people who were in conflict with the leadership posting anything damaging to Griffin and co or might just be in breach of the Race Relations Laws.
"A couple of weeks or so ago they demanded that this order be carried out so a whole number of existing BNP Blogs vanished and some are being replaced with new ones, some regions/Branches are running both side by side.
"So this is possibly what is taking place in Epping."

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