Monday, 25 May 2009

The Ugly Face of BNP's Politics

The BNP will inevitably deny that its supporters had anything to do with yesterday's anti-Muslim riot in Luton yesterday, which followed the bombing of a mosque in the town. They will also deny that their intensive campaigning in the town featuring the infamous 'truth truck' that recently made a visit to Waltham Abbey had created a poisonous atmosphere that has enabled mindless yobbery to thrive. But this is the ugly face of racist politics, bringing back images of the National Front violence of 1970s and 1980s - a time during which local BNP Councillor Peter Turpin was a National Front activist.

To understand what the BNP will reduce this country to if it is given a little bit of power and state funding (which it will receive if just one BNP MEP is elected), read this article.

If the BNP do make their much-vaunted break-through, expect to see more of this hooliganism on the streets - perhaps even in Loughton or Waltham Abbey. Because this is the "well-directed boots and fists" communalist yobbery that the NF and its successor, the BNP, pursued for years. And the likes of local BNP activists Eddy Butler, Rod Law, Peter Turpin and others were involved in these groups at a time when they openly advanced racist violence, well before their party leader Nick Griffin's superficial cosmetic make-over.

None of this mindless drunken violence honours the soldiers of the Royal Anglian Regiment, who were heckled and barracked by a couple of dozen religious extremists in Luton a few weeks ago. Draping yourself in the English flag while beating up policemen and Asian passers-by just shames our nation. The BNP is not patriotic, it is not Christian, it is not British, it is not decent and it is not democratic. It is a violent neo-Nazi sect.

Don't say we didn't warn you. Vote BNP and the balaclava-clad thugs will follow.

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