Monday, 25 May 2009

Not quite boring us into submission, the BNP's sad, deluded army of mug punters drone on

By Peter Hitchens, Daily Mail

I have pledged that as long as BNP members continue to target this site with their unresponsive, repetitive, brain-dead bombardment of e-mails, I will not be cowed - or bored - into silence. It is clearly their aim to silence me, so it is one of my aims not give into it. I ask for the patience and tolerance (and, if they feel able, the support) of readers who feel (as I do) that this argument has been concluded to the satisfaction of anyone capable of reasoned thought, and that the BNP is a bigoted and disreputable party. I am grateful for the many, by no means all of them sympathisers with my main positions, who have helped defend this site from this assault.

So let me just repeat here (and believe me, I shall not stop doing this) that no patriotic or Christian person should vote for this disreputable party. Its 'policies' are a changeable salad of borrowed ideas. Its real and unchangeable nature is revealed in its explicitly racially bigoted constitution.

The reason that I am attacked so insistently (and dimly) for saying this is that I am a genuine opponent of British membership of the EU, a genuine opponent of mass immigration, a genuine opponent of multiculturalism and political correctness, a genuine supporter of the punishment of criminals and the deterrence of crime, a genuine enthusiast for rigour and discipline in education, a genuine campaigner for the married family. And yet I am not one of them. By not being one of them, I show that it is quite possible to hold serious conservative views without tumbling into the pit of unreason in which they scrabble and squawk. This truth is unwelcome to them. Oddly enough, it is equally unwelcome to the other people who hate me, the Guardian-reading liberals who likewise believe that all conservatives are bigots, and that to be a conservative is to be a bigot. It isn't true, and it is vital for the future of proper politics in this country that we continue to demonstrate that it is not true.

One of the techniques of the campaign against me, which I must assume is inspired by someone somewhere, is to tell lies about me, suggesting (for instance) that I am a supporter of multiculturalism or mass immigration, or a secret Labour sympathiser.

These falsehoods levelled against me are (I must be forgiving here) presumably caused by the ‘none so blind as will not see’ problem which bedevils so many debates. People become so gripped by an enthusiasm, and enjoy it so much, that they are actively upset by anyone who dares cast doubt upon it. Rather than responding with reason, because secretly they suspect the critic is right, they respond with abuse and misrepresentation. A lot of political activity is, alas, self-indulgent, aimed at making the participant feel happy about himself rather than aimed at doing any manner of good.

They assume that a person who holds these views must also be like them, gullible, inclined for hysterical, oversimplified solutions, assuming everyone is what he appears to be, afraid to look too deeply into the nature of the leaders they have decided, for their own self-indulgent joy, to support. In truth, they're not quite sure about this. They feel, deep down, a little uncomfortable with the company that they keep, and are (as people with doubts invariably are) angered by any outsider who voices the doubts they are trying to suppress. In this, I feel sorry for them.

I note also that none of them offers any argument at all to deal with the unquestionable fact that the BNP's constitution, apparently as unalterable as the laws of the Medes and the Persians, is specifically racialist. Why can this not be changed, if the BNP has truly changed? Nor do any of them seem to be able to cope with the idea that any person can, with a good will and the necessary encouragement, become British. I am sorry about this. But in fact this inability to accept this possibility is a perfect example of the racially determinist view, as adopted by such people as Houston Stewart Chamberlain and leading, as all such blasphemous rubbish does lead, to the most terrible injustice and the most contemptible intellectual drivel. Mr Chamberlain, by the way, convinced himself that Jesus Christ was not a Jew, but an Aryan. This was at least preferable to the attitude of the German National Socialists, who came to hate Christ because he was a Jew, but you see where this sort of stuff can get you, and it is not nice.

I am insistently told that there are Jews in prominent positions in the BNP. Somehow (I wonder why not? Don't you?) these persons have never encountered any evidence of Judophobia in the ranks of the BNP. So what? This proves nothing other than that Jews are just as capable of being gullible as anyone else. Have these people never heard the phrase 'Potemkin Village' or understood its meaning? Also I am informed that there are people in the BNP with Japanese or Asian wives, etc.

The important fact, which could not be altered by whole squads of Jewish BNP councillors, or regiments of Japanese or Asian BNP spouses, is that the BNP leadership and membership are still rife with people who are racial determinists, and/or who 'doubt' the truth of the Holocaust, or who seek to belittle it - though these days such people tend to indulge their odd, pathetic little hobby in private rather than in public, just as the BNP leadership wears suits. The change is superficial. I feel as sorry for any Jewish person taken in by it as I do for any non-Jewish person taken in by it.

I am asked (anonymously of course) ‘Why do some people find it so difficult to distinguish between racial bigotry, on the one hand, and an entirely natural desire to prevent one's country being transformed into something unrecognisably alien, on the other?‘

On the contrary, I find it very easy to distinguish between the two. A person who can subscribe to the BNP constitution is clearly a racial bigot. A person who views the BNP constitution with distaste and refuses to have anything to do with it is not. But a person who subscribes to that constitution and then claims to be interested only in defending the national culture is plainly on shaky terms with the truth. Race and culture are two different things.

Yet this nameless contributor dares to assert: ’That is not racism, but good, old-fashioned conservatism. It is remarkable that even highly educated members of the metropolitan elite, as represented by Peter Hitchens, cannot grasp this simple distinction.‘

Highly educated? How kind of him to think so. But I am not, by any standard, a ‘member of the metropolitan elite’, a group of people that rejects and dislikes me. As to grasping the simple distinction, I think I grasp it very well. That is exactly why I have opposed multiculturalism for many years, why I call for the end of mass immigration and why I (and many others with similar views) wish to have nothing to do with the BNP. It is precisely because I think that those here can become British that I think it necessary to fight on both these fronts.

And so I continue to advise all persons of conscience and intelligence to shun it and refuse any temptation to vote for the BNP. The more I am pestered by the logic-free bores of the BNP, the more frequently and the more loudly will I say this. A different posting on an entirely different topic will follow.

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