Thursday, 21 May 2009

Rod Law defies BNP National Organiser over Facebook controversy

Loughton BNP councillor Rod Law has defied orders by the party's National Organiser Eddy Butler that "all responsible officers, councillors and candidates, particularly those more in the public eye, should immediately shut down their Facebook accounts."

The call came after Epping Forest BNP Watch exposed Law's association with convicted drug dealer Jock Shearer, based on information published on his Facebook profile. Law has remained defiant, apparently enraged by the revelations.

It is no secret that Law has little respect for Butler, who he has nicknamed "Eddy Bottler" for his supposed 'soft' handling of the media. Butler is the BNP's lead candidate for the Eastern Region in the European elections as well as its county council candidate for Chigwell and Loughton Broadway, which contains the party's Broadway ward stronghold. He is a veteran BNP campaigner, active in the party back in the days when the party openly stated that its policy was to "defend rights for whites with well-directed boots and fists."

Butler has been instrumental in creating a thin veneer of respectability over a neo-fascist party that has more than its fair share of ex-cons like Shearer. The upstart Law only tolerates this public relations exercise and one gets the impression he'd prefer more "boots and fists" activism, with the support of thugs like Shearer.

Other BNP activists have been exposed for the violent racial hatred they have expressed on Facebook. BNP candidate Eddy O'Sullivan wrote on his Facebook account "W**s go home" and "They are nice people 'oh yeah' but can they not be nice people in the f**king Congo or . . . bongo land or whatever?" The BNP has pledged disciplinary action against him, but such racist sentiments are commonly expressed in party circles and, like O'Sullivan, most activists have no problem with making offensive comments about black people.

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