Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Senior BNP official launches anti-Jewish attack

Lee Barnes, legal adviser and spokesman for the BNP, as well as all round oddball, managed to toe the new Griffin ‘pro-Israel‘ line for a while, but it seems he’s slipping again. In a rant on Holocaust denial laws (laws I personally disagree with, incidentally), he once again shows the true colours of the BNP:

The fact that the Zionist run political Establishments of the nations of the world, and the political puppets of the media that in reality run our countries, have the power to demand the imprisonment of people because they find their views repugnant proves to me that these people who demand the imprisonment of those they disagree with are the real Nazis we should be afraid of, not the views of the holocaust deniers.

BNP leader Nick Griffin claims that he now has ‘no time for anti-Semites’, so what will he make of the notion that the nations of the world are run by ‘Zionists’ and their media ‘puppets’?

Come on Lee, get with the programme! This is 2009, not 1997.

(In 1997, Griffin wrote a booklet entitled ‘Who Are The Mind-Benders?’ which purported to show that ‘Zionists’ are ‘the people who rule Britain through control of the mass media’.)

By Edmund Standing, cross-posted with Harry's Place

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Anonymous said...

Not the first time BNP legal director Lee Barnes has taken to writing anti-Jewish articles (as have many other BNP members). Check out the following article from Lancaster Unity:

BNP Legal Director Lee Barnes’ June bout of anti-Jewish madness