Saturday, 11 April 2009

Epping Forest BNP's "scientific racist" links revealed

The BNP's ex-Jewish poster-girl and Epping Forest councillor Pat Richardson was guest of honour at a recent conference entitled "Preserving Western Civilisation" in the US.

The conference was organised by well-known white supremacists and was heralded as the white nationalist response to the election of US President Barack Obama. The event was organised by Michael Hart, who has advocated a racial partioning of the US, and focused on the need to defend "America's Judeo-Christian heritage and European identity" from immigrants, Muslims and Africans - clearly a racist response to the election of the US's first black president, who was brought up by a Muslim step-father and lived in the world's largest Muslim country, Indonesia. Perhaps Pat Richardson would prefer President George W Bush back in power, in which case her opinion is held by an extreme minority on both sides of the Atlantic!

Like Richardson, Hart comes from a Jewish background and he represents what is commonly known as "scientific racism", in which Jews are placed firmly in the European camp (haven't they heard of the Falashas of Ethiopia or the Lemba of Zimbabwe? - never mind, don't let the facts get in the way of white supremacism). The conference promoted the notion that the white man is genetically superior and that the West should not simply defeat Islamic extremism but must fight a war of civilisation with the East. On the issue of Muslims, Richardson remarked: "If they're not plotting and planning unrest, they're planning how to get your money."

Richardson's visit to the US was followed by BNP deputy leader Simon Derby's attendance at a rally of European fascist parties in Italy, at which he was given the Hitler salute. The meeting was organised by Forza Nuova, whose leader Roberto Fiore was convicted in Italy in 1985 for his involvement in the Bologna railway station bombing, which was the biggest postwar terrorist attack in Europe.

In speaking at an event organised by American white supremacists, Richardson has revealed the truth of Epping Forest BNP that they have sought to hide from the local community. While they pretend to be the voice of the common man, they are really part of an international network of shady extremist groups that believe in racial segregation, white supremacism and involved in violent and terrorist acts.

We don't need these traitors to our country sitting on our council and spending our money. And we sure as hell don't need them as school governors.


Anonymous said...

May we suggest you read Melanie Phillips view of Barack Obama. Quite an eye opener. You can find it on the Daily Mail website. As you know, Ms Phillips is Jewish.

Epping Forest BNP Watch said...

Melanie Phillips has also condemned Nick Griffin's "antisemitic fantasies" and the BNP as neo-fascist and "playing upon and fomenting the irrational paranoia and prejudice of a group that believes itself to be singularly oppressed." Her antipathy towards Barack Obama clearly has not prompted her to get involved in extremist politics, as is the case with Pat Richardson. In Phillips' mind, the BNP and the Islamists are as bad as each other.