Sunday, 12 April 2009

Clapped out! Credit where it's not due.

Susan Clapp, Loughton's most unremarkable BNP councillor, is attempting to take credit where none is due in order to rescue her flagging reputation.

Ms Clapp has heralded the recent resurfacing of Jessel Drive as the result of her appeals, just "a few weeks" after she complained. The resurfacing had been planned months in advance, according to the West Essex office of Essex Highways. It had nothing to do with Clapp's supposed appeal. In fact, other parties had long been campaigning against pot holes. The local county councillors - the Loughton Residents Association's Chris Pond and the Conservative party's Michael Tomkins - have been praised by residents for putting consistent pressure on County Hall to repair roads in Debden, while the Liberal Democrats have made it a high priority and launched petitions. The BNP's contribution was precisely zilch.

Susan Clapp came rather late on and probably only to defend her position as local BNP members consider whether to ditch her in favour of Julian Leppert for the 2010 district council elections. By claiming she was responsible for road repairs that were already planned, Ms Clapp perhaps is trying to make a point, having failed to impress anyone with her lacklustre performance in the council chamber. Even her own party recognises Ms Clapp is truly clapped out.

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