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Spies, Secret Agents, and the BNP

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In the minds of Britain’s ‘white nationalists’, their ‘movement’ is so important that it is infested with spies and secret agents. The latest news on the ‘Government plant’ front begins with Arthur Kemp, the BNP’s resident pseudo-historian (and ‘intellectual’ inspiration for last year’s BNP ‘White History Month‘) and Peter Rushton, a pseudo-intellectual crank who is one of the few members of the British People’s Party (formerly the White Nationalist Party and Aryan Unity) who can string a coherent sentence together. Kemp is an interesting fellow, given that he actually does have a history in espionage, being a veteran of Apartheid South Africa’s security services, while Rushton has moved around in various far-Right groups, including the BNP, from which he was eventually expelled.

According to Kemp, Rushton is in fact a ‘hard core Trotskyite’ and ‘Searchlight spy’ who

pretended to be a firm Nick Griffin supporter, but upon his exposure as a spy and expulsion from the BNP, he has since pretended to be a firm anti-Griffin activist, all in accordance with a plan to sow as much discord with British nationalism.

BNP leader Nick Griffin is even more paranoid than Kemp, and in 2007 claimed in a BNP magazine that Rushton is actually none other than Nick Lowles of Searchlight magazine!

Rushton is, unsurprisingly, none too impressed with these allegations and has recently attacked Kemp on the neo-Nazi Stormfront forums and has received a reply, as well as a stinging attack from the boys over at CUNT, who report:

It made funny reading today when homosexual ‘nationalist’ Pete Rushton (using the name Andi Ritchie on Stormfront Britain) made some comments regarding the BNP’s Arthur Kemp only to find himself put on the spot and humiliated when Mr Kemp himself took time out from real politics to toy with Rushton and give him a few minutes of his year to feel like someone actually gives a shit much to the amusement of many of us.

Now the real irony here is that MINCER Pete Rushton was accusing Mr Kemp of being, well a bit ‘Dodgy’. Now thats fucking brilliant coming from a closet homosexual who has had many slaps after being accused of many things including ‘commie’ and it was actually Mr Kemp who exposed Poofy Pete who was posting on a Marxist website/Forum and Poofy Pete never got over that one. Even a STORMFRONT moderator had confirmed seeing Rushtons (National Union Of Journalists) NUJ card prompting even his staunchest supporter at the time to give up hope amid all the accusations of Rushton working for Searchlight.

While nationalism strives upwards and onwards despite the bizarre reason folk even tollerate Poofy Pete Rushton being around, that said though Pete isn’t exactly the star attraction anymore as he hawks his mincing ways at poorly attended ‘fringe party’ meetings to appease the handful of alcoholics, social misfits and sexual devients with nothing better to do who join and attend these ‘meetings’. Usual attendance figures 15 to 20 people on a good day (not including bar staff).

Over at Griffin Watch, the Northwest Nationalists beg to differ. There IS something dodgy about Kemp, they allege. They also raise the very good question of exactly why it is that BNP members still post on the blatantly pro-Nazi Stormfront site, given the ‘new BNP’ is supposed to be opposed to all that:

Oh so Nicks “mates” are allowed to post on Stormfront, no in fact his senior officials are allowed to post on stormfront, yet Nick claims that he has purged the party of white nationalists, 14 word masturbators, dinosuars etc.

Nick Griffin, what a two faced treacherous opportunist you really are.

Quite. And of Kemp, they ask:

Why is Kemp allowed to live in Britain and Geert Wilders not allowed to even visit here?
Wouldn’t you think, with Kemps history and supposed dislike of multiculturalism,(and the control that the establishment have) he would be one of the first to be dissallowed entry to Britain, let alone be allowed to reside here?

Somethings adrift.

And presumably in their minds that ’something’ is that Kemp is some kind of Government ‘plant’, ‘Searchlight spy’, or whatever.

Griffin Watch also revisits the case of former BNP councillor Sadie Graham, who was expelled from the BNP for challenging Griffin on the continuing presence and influence in the BNP of the openly pro-Nazi fan of underage girls, Mark Collett. As Workers’ Liberty reported at the time:

Collett and close associate Dave Hannam have constructed a clique of supporters around them. This group has been at the centre of physical and verbal attacks on fellow party members, the mishandling of party finances and various other allegations of threatening behaviour and incompetence. For example, BNP accounts have still not been submitted for official scrutiny.Nick Griffin has firmly sided with Collett in this dispute. That the leader of the BNP sided with an outspoken Nazi over a covert one suggests something essential in his politics.

Having failed to convince Griffin to act against the Collett clique, Graham and friends set up the ‘Enough is Enough Nick’ web-log detailing their complaints. In taking the issue to the membership and wider public, Graham and Smith were summarily expelled from an organisation that claims to be the ‘most democratic’ party in Britain! On top of this it is alleged that members of the BNP ‘Security Team’ - currently in the hands of former South African Intelligence operatives - have been bugging members phone calls and that on the day of Graham’s expulsion they gained access to her house and removed a number of items including a lap-top and mobile phone.

When Griffin expelled Graham he - true to form - accused her of being an infiltrator working for Searchlight. Griffin Watch is having none of this and raises the issue of phone tapping and bugging again:

Nick Griffin is a liar. The most disurbing fact about this is where did Griffin obtain this recording of a PRIVATE conversation between Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham from?
The rumour is that Arthur Kemp, with his background in espionage , was Lance involved?, illegally tapped Kenny Smiths telephone.
Kenny and Sadie were guilty of nothing more than trying to expose perverts such as Collett and Hannam and rid the party of them, in order that we, as a party could try to fulfill our true potential.

Having established - in their minds anyway - that Graham is not a spy and that actually Kemp was up to his old Apartheid era ways, Griffin Watch have moved on to promoting allegations of their own. For them, not only is Kemp a possible infiltrator but the BNP’s new treasurer (and deputy leader) Simon Darby is actually a ‘superspy‘!

This is a line that Nick Griffin’s former comrades in the International Third Position have been pushing for some time and they allege that the emergence of a photo of Darby being given a Nazi salute at the recent Euro-Fascist convention in Milan is part of a complex plot to discredit the BNP and that Darby is ‘a known MI5 operative’!

Welcome to the lunatic world of British ‘nationalism’…

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