Monday, 13 April 2009

Garry Martin's hissy fit

Poor old BNP councillor Garry Martin is struggling to get to grips with the principles of democracy, let alone how to run public projects. Mr Martin ran out of Wednesday night's Loughton town council environment and heritage committee meeting, red-faced and angry after he felt he didn't get his way regarding the restoration of the town's war memorial. He claimed it was a protest, but his fellow BNP councillors were embarrassed by his fit of pique and refused to join him.

Mr Martin claims that the council is refusing to honour the war dead. Councillors had explained to him that there may not have been enough room on the war memorial for all the names that need to be added. Instead, alternatives would have to be considered, but in the mean time they would go ahead with repointing and cleaning up the memorial and resetting the flag stones.

It is somewhat ironic that Mr Martin is so passionate about this, given that local soldiers fought and died fighting those who upheld the ideology that inspires the British National Party. As this picture shows, BNP leader Nick Griffin never had a problem marching alongside those traitors who worship Hitler.

Perhaps Mr Martin has yet to understand the BNP's ideological roots; he is obviously not motivated by a love of Hitler, as some of the party's long-standing members are. Yet, he doesn't even seem to have a grasp of council business.

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