Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Loughton churches unite against BNP

Loughton Churches Together has leafleted the town in an effort to beat back the BNP.

In a carefully worded letter to local residents, the multi-denominational group that includes all Christian churches encouraged people to vote in the county council and European elections, but warned against the consequences of supporting racist parties.

It said: "We understand that many feel disillusioned with politics with all the current publicity. However, not voting leaves a potentiall dangerous void. This highlights the need for us to vote with care and consideration."

While the group said it did not support any particular party, it gave a strong indication that voters should shun the BNP. The leaflet stated: "We are united in our belief in equality and stand against all racial prejudice longing for messages that unite everone in our community."

It also published the results of the previous county council and European elections. In Epping Forest district, the BNP secured 7.5% of the vote, coming fifth in the poll. Although the BNP regards the district as a stronghold, if the level had been achieved across the European constituency it still would have been well short of a victory. However, it was still way above the 4.3% the party secured regionally.

The Churches Together is a wake-up call for non-voters. If you fail to vote, you could end up being represented by a neo-Nazi party that will embarrass the country at an international level.

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